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Nea Moni

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Nea Moni In the photo above is the gate of the Néa Moní seen from the inside. It looks as in the photo left, if you see it from outside. The building that you see at the right in the photo aboce is the Oratory of the Holy Cross. If you enter inside, at the left, there are shelves with glass cover, filled with human bones (I did not dare to take photo). During the massacre of Chios in 1822, it is estimated that 23,000 persons were killed, and at the Néa Moní, the Turks killed 600 monks and 3,500 women and children who were taking refuge here. These bones belong to the victims of the massacre.

Nea Moni
In the photo above is the north side of the Katholikon. This type of pavement decoration with white and black pebbles is common in the eastern Aegean area.

Nea Moni
Priest we met at the monastery. In his left hand he held the harbs like basil necessary to make the holy water (agiasmos).
The Néa Moní now barely function as a nunnery, and has a few nuns; we met only one of them.

In the photo left is the kella (the living quarter of the mons), which is now used as museum (the fee was 2 euros, if I remember well). It is open only during the morning. We missed it as we assissted the mess, and taked with the priest.

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