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Tower of Olibi

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Medieval village of Olýmpoi (pronoused "Olíbi" in modern Greek) is situated between Pirgí and Mestá, the two most popular tourist attraction of the Mastichochoria, and is more quiete. In the photo above is the central tower of the village.


As Pirgí and Mestá, Olýmpoi was protected by the circuit wall and the strong gates. In the photo right is one of the gateway still with the iron gate.


In OlýmpoiAwe can see both the housed decorated with xysta decoration (as you see in the photo left) just like in Pirgí, and the houses made with strong stone walls as in Mestá.
Old House in Olympoi, 1

One of the old houses in Olýmpoi. the row of the small arches between the ground and the second floor is a kind of decoration we find frequently in Chios.
Old House in Olimpi, 2

Another Old house in ruin. We can see the thickness of the stone wall.

Look also the three-wheel car in front of the building. In a medieval village with narrow winding streets like Olýmpoi, this tipe of vehicle is useful to carry small load.
donkey saddle

These are the saddles used for donkeys. We didn't see any donkey, but we saw some houses with these saddles in front.

They are made of wood, and don't seem very comfortable.

Agia Paraskevi

The church of Agia Paraskevi (right one in the photo) stands close to the central tower (see the first photo) of the village; founded probably in the Middle Ages. The church next to it is the Taxiarchon church.


Cafeteria in front of the central tower.

While we were eating, a cat came expecting to have some remains from our table, but, then, was chased away by a more eager dog.


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