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Church of Agioi Apsotoli, Pirgi

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<Location> Pirgí, Mastichochoria, Chios Island

The Byzantine church of the Holy Apostles is situated near the central square of Pirgí. It was constructed between the twelfth and fourteenth century.
In the photo above is the façade seen from the central square. In the photo right is the external wall of the apsis, shot from the behind.

Decoration of the external wall, Ag. Apostoli Church
In the photo right is a closer shot of the external wall of the apsis. The decoration above the triple arches are made of bronze rivets.

In the photo below is the fresco decoration inside the church. As we were told that one person could shot one photo, each of us did one. The painter was Domestikos Kinigos of Crete.

Fresco painting of the Holy Apostles Church, Pirgi Fresco of Pantokrator, Ag. Apostoloi, Pirgi

In the photo right is a donkey tied behind the church. It seemed to be use to carry the building materials.


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