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Town Wall of Chios, Gate

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The north part of Chios town is occupied by a walled quarter; it was the centre of the Byzantine town, and the administrative quarter in the Genovese period. It is called "kastro" in Greek, but looks more like a fortified quarter than a castle. In the photo above is the main gate.

It was first build by the Byzantines around the end of the tenth century, and later modified and stenghtened by the Genoese and by the Turks.

Town Wall of Chios, Inscription

This is the inscription above the main gate. As it is erased, it is difficult to read what was written. Judging from some recognisable Latin alphabet, it must be an Latin inscription installed during the Genovese period, and it must have been erased after the Ottomans came.

Town Wall of Chios, Parking
In this photo (left), the wall is at the right, and the parking space was the former moat in which there used to be water.

In the photo below is the fortification seen from the port. There is a cannon directed toward the sea. If we see old drawings of Chios town, we can recognise the coastline was closer to the wall. The cannon must have used to guard the port.

Town Wall of Chios, Cannon

To my regret, we did not have time to walk inside the fortified quarter, as we spent more time in visiting places outside the Chios town. My guidebook says that there are some Medieval and Turkish monuments there; the late Gothic style Guistiniani Mansion (restored) housing Giustiniani Museum (collection of ikons and frescoes from Byzantine churches), the Tomb of Kapitan Pascha Kara Ali (Turkish naval commander who was killed during the war of independence, in 1822), Byzantine church of St. Giorgios, remains of Batrakis Mosque and so on.


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