Hotel Filoxenia, Chios City, Chios Island
Hotel Filoxenia

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This is the hotel where we stayed for two days. A double room with shower, toilet, television, and airconditioner costed € 40, and it seemed reasonable.

view from the hotel
It is situated near the the port where large ferries stop, and in the centre of the town. As it is not on any large street, you wont problem with noise during the night.

They made our bed everyday, and changed all the towels that we used.

In the photo left is the view from our room. As the Chios town itself is not a particular beauty, you don't expect much from any hotel.

Around the Hotel
It is possible to have breakfast at hotel paying extra. We did not try it, because we found our favorite shop; it is a pie-shop just outside this hotel (right side coming out from the hotel), and their chocolate danish was superb. There are some tables and they serve also coffee. The tiropites were good, too, but bougatsa was too oily for me.

Around the Hotel
In the photo left is the view of the street in front of the hotel; left in front is a diner, and at the centre is the mosque (now closed).

Address and Phone Number
Hotel Filoxenía
Roidou 2 & Boupalou 8, Chios
Tel. (22710) 22813, 26559
Fax. (22710) 28447

Other Accomodations

There are two other hotels in the town.

And there are many other rooms (domatia). Here are some of them.

As Chios Town does not have a good beach, those tourists who come especially for the beaches do not stay here. The nearest decent beach is Karfas, and it takes 15-20 minutes to get there with bus. Karfas is full of hotels, restaurants, and souvenir shops.

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