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These are two restaurants where we ate; they may not be necessary best ones, but we found them reasonably good. As both situate on Neorion street, the south side of the port, they are convenient for those who stay in town.

The first taverna is Katsikadelis; it was more like a mesedoporio specialised in fish.

Fish Marinade
This is marinated fish; fried and soaked in vinegar. I did not tell what was the white substance on the fish (it was not cream). It was not bad, but too salty and sour (although I am vinegar lover).

Below, left is the Greek salad (Choriatiki). Unusual feature is the capers, that is one of the famous produce of the island. Right is semi-sweet wine, which was very nice (although we are no connoisseurs of wine). The service was rather regrettable; it took so much time to take order, and they did not give us knives and folks, even when the food had been already on the table.

Choriatiki Salad Imigriko Wine

We ordered also fried potatoes, and baked sardines. The bill was 25 euros. Each dishes were rather expensive, but the quantity was correspondently large.

Pizza Palace
The next one is Pizza Palace. Regardless of the name, it is not particulary an Italian restaurant. You can find pizzas, but also wide variety of dishes.

Below, left a big bifteki (it is not beef-stake, but humburg stake) stuffed with cheese, fried potatoes and a tomato. The meat itself was tasty, but with the cheese it became too salty for us. Right is boild radicchio.

Biftekia gemista Radicchio

Below, left is "Stromboli" Spaghetti. You don't see spaghetti, because they are under the sea of melted cheese, and spaghetti, tomato sauce, a big piece of bacon, some pieces of onion and green pepper were underneath. It is not a refined dish, but it is good. Right is baked octopus; satisfactory quantity for 4.5 euros (in Greece usually you get less, or pay more).

Spaghetti Stromboli Baked Octopus

The bill was a bit more than 20 euros. Sympathetic place.

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