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Chios (Xios) island is a relatively large island in the East Aegean sea, situated very close to the western shore of Turkey. It is famous for the production of "masticha (mastixa)", and historically known for a great massacre of islanders during the war of independence. A not trustworthy tradition says that the poet Homer was born in this island. The photo above is particular building decoration of Pirgí.

Mytilene During the summer time, there are two ferries a day from Pireas, both operated by the NEL Line. One is called Mytilene and, departing from Pireas at 19:00, arrives at Chios Town at 03:30 (22.50euro), from Chios, departing at 22:00 arrives at Pireas at 06:00 (23.50euro), there is, however, small difference of departure time according to day of the week. The other ferry is called Kenderis, and takes as little as half that time, but the ticket price is double. Both Mytilene and Kenderis continue to Mytilene after Chios. There is also ferry connection from Thessaloniki, and flight connections. (This information is of the summer of 2005).

From 1346 to 1566 Chios was ruled by the Giustiniani family, originally from Genoa. There are still traces of Italian influence in various part of the island. Historically the Chians have been famous for being good sailors. It is said that Christopher Columbus, Genoese citizen, visited the Chios before departure for the New World to learn about the navigation technique, that he was really a Chian, or that some of his sailors were from Chios.

There are public bus services to most of the major tourist attractions (except the Nea Moni). For the convenience it is also possible to buy organized tours. For information, these are the programmes organised by Kanaris Tours (1 Omirou Street, tel. 22710-42490; 12 Aegeou Avenue, tel. 22710-21463). The programmes and the prices of the summer 2005. Most of the tours include a couple of hours to stay on beach. The tours are accompanied by English speaking guide depending on the number of participants, so ask ahead.


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