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Xios Town

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The port and town center of Chios town with 25,000 ca inhabitants. It is also called Chora in Greek (meaning just "town"). As any other Greek coastal towns, the seaside promenade is packed with cafeterias, souvenir shops and travel agents.

The modern Xios towns stands above the ancient Xios. Many archaeological objects were found, but there is no visible archaeological site. The archaeological materials from the prehistory to Roman period are collected in the Xios Archaeological Museum.

Old Fountain
In the town, there are some other museums. The Korai Library houses the Argenti Folklore Museum. The Giustiniani Museum in the Kastro exhibits icons, mosaics from the old churches. The Byzantine Museum has long been closed, and it does not seem to reopen soon when I visited in 2005.

In the photo right is a marble fountain in the Voukaniou Square. Evidently it an imitation of the Lysikrates Monument in Athens.

Old buildings were destroyed when an earthequake struck in 1881; but some remains can be seen in the old quarter of the Kastro.

Traffic of the city centre is hellish; unterminable flow of cars, narrow streets, few traffic light, and no sense of priority of pedestrians. I did not see almost any pedestrian area that most of the Greek towns have. Unfortunately the traffic problem is one big setback of the Chios town otherwise sympathetic. Visitors, be aware.

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