Various Views of Chios Town
Loukoumades Shop

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Here are several photos I took in the town. In the photo above is the loukoumades shop. Loukoumades are the yeast-leaven doughnuts eaten with honey. In Chios town there are very few high-style luxury shops, and it is instead full of these small and sympathetic shops.

Souvenir shop

This is one of the shops that sell the products of Chios.

Glyka Tou Koutaliou
These are the same small bottles that you see in the show window in the photo above. They contain famous sweets of Chios; cherries, figs, small mandarins or even baby-aubergines soaked in sugar syrup flavoured with mastic, another speciality of Chios. They are called "glyká tou koutalioú", that means the sweets of the spoon, as they are often offered on a spoon.


The photos above and right were taken at a shop that sells harbs and spices. Above, the things in the green plastic containers are capers (right) and kardamo (left), famous produces of Chios. In the photo right is a kind of snails, but I am not sure how to eat such small ones.

University of the Aegean
Chios has an university called the Aegean University. In the photo left is the (vandalised) gate of the university. Thanks to the presence of the university, the town is full of young Greeks.

It is situated near the Archaeological Museum

Civic Art Gallery
This is the civic art gallery (but I did not visit it).

Night view
This is a night view of the town.

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